Why Party Planners Love Us


Every great party has a great planner behind it – a great planner who creates a schedule, orders things in advance, saves money and does more for less. At Happykupp, We are all about enabling such party planning heroes by providing them the best quality, trendy, and absolutely adorable party supplies at the most affordable prices. Here is what they get when they shop with us.

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Party planners / professional or non professional planners must deal with a lot of variables when planning a great party. We take their stress away by simplifying the sourcing of party supplies. Our vast collection offers everything from cupcake wrappers to party favors to full-blown party decorations. So, they do not have to swing from one store to another for the smallest of things. All they need to do is pick, pay, and receive the order at their doorstep

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Planners love us because we have pretty much every party decoration they need. Baby showers, a unique birthday party or an eclectic theme party, we have supplies for everything. We also make sure that our collection is up to date with the trends. However, if you want an item that we don’t have, all you need to do is ask. We do our best to help you realize your party vision, no matter how creative and novel it is.

We’ll even customize the party supplies to reflect the occasion and your unique style and preferences.



We take the middleman out of the equation to help party planners get more out of the same budget. We can deliver orders of any size within the United States within 5-10 days for a fee or Free shipping across the US 12-20 days.Free shipping also applies for a minimum purchased of $25. Shopping  here only piles on the savings.

At Happykupp, we source all kinds of party supplies under one roof and ship them within the United States in 12-20 days. Our quality is premium, but our prices are not. Whether you are a party planner or not, browse our collection and discover the best prices for the most incredible party decorations out there. You will know why professional party planners love us.

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